Challenging times demand new restaurant operating strategies to drive sales and manage escalating expenses. CHEFS Restaurant Consulting Co. will help with the financial, operations and culinary expertise of the restaurant business to improve the performance of your company. Our mission is to help independent business owners maximize their financial performance through a combination of proven business strategies. Whether you’re opening a restaurant for the first time or initiating a financial turnaround, we can provide all of the elements needed to support your venture and make your dream come true.

CHEFS Restaurant Consulting Co. is a unique group of skilled industry professionals with expertise in restaurant, bar and hotel food and beverage offering exceptional concept innovation, culinary menu and recipe development, architectural design, kitchen operations, restaurant kitchen design and food service design services, restaurant turnarounds, and financial management.

Our firm has successfully created, designed, opened and operated many restaurant concepts statewide. We bring extensive knowledge and experience to every project and will customize a solution to your company with the result in improved performance at all levels.